Carin Wilson


Carin Wilson is a master craftsman of contemporary design furniture and sculpture. His beautiful crafted objects, made using local materials, reflect his heritage and his passion for thoughtful design. I sought to capture and articulate his approach in a distinctive brand that would help grow the audience for Carin’s work.

The new logomark highlights the artist’s initials, using shapes seen throughout his work. This is the ‘maker’s mark’, embossed at the base of all new pieces and a proud symbol of Carin’s heritage and his design ethos. The website and poster series stages Carin’s work in engaging and unexpected ways, providing new perspectives on his work and engaging people to participate in upcoming design workshops. See more at 


Designed at Studio Alexander under the creative direction of Grant Alexander + Sam Trustrum

TDC 2014
Gold - Best Awards 2014
Silver - Best Awards 2014
Finalist AGDA Awards 2014