New Zealand Flag

This flag design won the Gareth Morgan “Make me a flag” competition. It also made it to the top 40 flag designs for the New Zealand referendum. The rationale is as follows related to Gareth Morgans brief.

1. Maori who invited their Treaty partners to share the land; The white diagonal shape is representative of the Maihi ( the diagonal bargebaords) on the front of a Maori meeting house. The white shape is also symbolic of the coming together of all three influences Maori, Colonial past and multicultural future. The red triangle top left is representative of our Maori heritage. This design also references the use or red black and white in the Tino Rangatiratanga( National Maori flag )  

2. The heritage of British settlers The blue triangle top right is representative of our British heritage. Bordering a white diagonal line symbolic of the Union Jack.    

3. Our multicultural society – now and into the future The black triangle is offering up strength and optimism as well as being symbolic of our mountainous landscape. It represents our national colour black already adopted and supported in a multi cultural context.


Designed alongside Grant Alexander, Thomas Lawlor and Jared McDowell